Ruth Reuter (Blattner)

 -  August 2, 2017


Born May 12, 1924, in Pittsburgh; daughter of George and Minnie Blattner; sister of George Blattner, Jr. She was a child when the Great Stock Market Crash hit in 1929. People suffered for 12 years. Everyone was poor, including her family but her father, by some miracle, kept his job. They helped everyone, from neighbors to family, best they could. We believe this is why she had compassion and kindness throughout her life for others. She had a good Christian upbringing and went to Christian schools. She married Wilbert Reuter on Jan. 3, 1945. Months later, he was drafted into WWII. Hard times living back then. He did come home. Lois, their daughter, was born in 1947. Ruth always said, "Religion starts in your own home." She taught us our prayers, and was an excellent wife and mother. She nursed her parents for years as they were in poor health much of their lives. She took in any family member that was suffering. Ruth and Will were active members of Mulberry Presby. Church in Wilkinsburg, which has since closed. She made Easter, and especially Christmas, beautiful, played the piano beautifully all her life, made clothing for her family, and had few material things as she didn't need them. She bought few things for herself. We always had a lovely home to live in, as she made it lovely. She adored her grandchildren, Robin and John, and moved to Georgia to live with her family there in the 80's. It was an honor to have them. They enjoyed Lane, Robert, and Julianne. She was lovingly held by her family until she passed on Wednesday, August 2, 2017, at the age of 93. Following her husband's death 2 years prior, she was never quite the same. They were married for 70 years, and were a wonderful pair. They are now together again, forever. A Blessing service will be held in the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME, INC., Chapel, 301 Curry Hollow Road, Pittsburgh, 15236, on Saturday, August 12, at 1 PM

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