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The Pyramids of Egypt, the tomb of Christ and the Tajh Mahal are all Mausoleums. Many people prefer above ground entombment rather than ground burial. The high cost of constructing private mausoleums has restricted them to only a few. To make mausoleums affordable to all, community mausoleums were developed. In a community mausoleum the cost of constructing such beautiful structures is shared by all who select them.

Today there are generally three types of mausoleum crypts available: Indoor where the crypts are inside the building. Garden mausoleum where the crypts are outdoor and private mausoleums which can be either outdoor crypts or larger walk in buildings.

The crypt opening and closing fee, often referred to as the entombment fee, is a separate charge that is not included in the cost of the crypt itself. For interment fee information, click here.

When you compare mausoleum crypts to other forms of interment, remember it is the equivalent to purchasing a grave, burial vault, and bronze memorial all at once.

The price of a mausoleum crypt varies by whether it is an indoor building, outdoor garden crypt or a private mausoleum. The cost further varies by the height from the floor and the arrangements; side by side, double depth companion or Westminster.


Some arrangements cannot be divided into singles and must be sold in pairs.

Outdoor mausoleum crypts vary from: $4,250 - $10,875 per pair

Indoor mausoleum crypts vary from: $6,000 - $15,200 per pair

Private Mausoleums vary from: $37,997 for a two crypt Nahan model
to $2,582,556 for a twelve crypt private building (walk in design),
Nottolini model with rainbow granite.

Garden of Freedom Mausoleum

Freedom Feature Mausoleum
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