L & M Lawncare

Residential and Commercial Lawn Care

L&M Lawn Care is a division of Jefferson Memorial Park, Inc. and has been serving the South Hills area for over 33 years with more than 125 years of combined experience in the turf industry.

Experience Matters

L&M Residential Lawncare services over 12 municipalities in the South Hills area. Fertilization, weed control and more. Join our regular program and we offer unlimited service calls all year round! Certified applicators: Our applicators are certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


L&M Process
Our fertilization process incorporates a proven approach that is the driving force behind L&M Lawncare’s patented liquid and granular process.
Patented process: Our patented process feeds your lawn simultaneously in one easy application.  This application includes liquid fertilizer for foliar feeding and granular fertilizer to promote root development, the combination of which will develop a healthier lawn time after time.
Controlled pesticide application: Our injection system reduces the amount of pesticide (herbicide) being applied.  We only apply pesticide when and where it is needed.

L&M’s Green Promise is our commitment to the environment. Why apply a pesticide to the entire lawn if it’s not necessary? That is why L&M has developed an injection system that will enable our certified staff, while applying our standard Patented Fertilization Process, to inject a pesticide only where and when it is needed.


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