Transferring unused cemetery property, non-personalized merchandise or services.

Generally, it is not difficult to transfer unused cemetery property, non-personalized merchandise or services. We recommend that you call us before beginning the transfer process so that we may walk you through the steps required.

Here are some general items that apply to all transfers:

All transfers must be recorded on the books of the Corporation. In other words, you cannot just hand someone a deed and say they own it.

Selling cemetery property: I have 2 extra spaces. Can I sell them?

Yes, you can and to anyone you want. We have seen property sell very quickly in the newspaper, and we have seen it sell slowly. It depends on many things; however, location and price are generally the biggest issues. If you are trying to get very close to the cemetery’s selling price, they will probably move slowing (making it a good deal could move them faster). Remember that the cemetery would normally include in their selling price the processing cost, deed fee and endowment care fee.

Buying Back Property: We have moved to Florida. Will you buy back our graves?

Jefferson will not generally repurchase graves. If you purchased them many years ago, we might offer to repurchase them at your original purchase price. If we make such an offer, carefully consider if it is in your best interest to accept it. You might be better served to sell them on the open market or give them to your children. See the sections below on selling cemetery property and transferring unused cemetery property.

Endowment Care, what is it?

From the purchase price of all plots sold by Jefferson, or from all plots sold, transferred, assigned, given, gifted or inherited from a deeded owner to a new owner, the Corporation deposits amounts as specified by the Rules and Regulations or statute into the Endowment Care Fund.

Buying cemetery or funeral arrangements ahead of time (pre-need) – why should I?

When you plan ahead, you will be able to compare the many options available. You will be able to compare the services, the products and the prices among different companies. You will have the opportunity to make an informed decision about your funeral and cemetery arrangements, and the form of memorial you prefer. You will be able to make choices that are meaningful to both you and your family, and you will gain peace of mind knowing your family and friends will be relieved of the emotional and financial burden often associated with making arrangements when a death occurs.