Cash Advances. What are they?

Cash Advances are items obtained from a third party and paid for by the funeral provider at the request of and on behalf of the client family such as newspaper notices, death certificates, flowers, honorariums, and cemetery or crematory fees.

Irrevocable Agreements. Why would I make my contract irrevocable?

By making your arrangements irrevocable the government currently allows you to exclude up to $17,079 in prepaid burial/funeral contracts from your personal assets. Depending upon your remaining assets, this may permit you to remain eligible for Medicare, Medicaid and Medical Assistance.

A few people make their arrangements irrevocable so that their surviving relatives, after their death, cannot change the type of services they have selected.

Identification Viewing. What type of viewing is that?

Identification Viewing means a brief, non-public viewing of the deceased by the next of kin or responsible party to identify the remains. Cremation laws are very strict when it comes to positive identification of the deceased.

Grave openings, why does it cost so much?

The burial process is the most expensive individual operation of all a cemetery does. The physical digging of the grave is the most straightforward part. There are actually over 72 steps to making an interment. Starting with pulling your records, typing the maintenance opening order, entering the computer record, and laying out the precise location are only a few of the 72 separate functions. Backhoes and dump trucks are exceedingly expensive ($65,000 and $40,000 respectfully) as is the amount of manpower required.

Embalming, is it required? What does it do?

Embalming sanitizes and preserves the body, retards the decomposition process, and enhances the appearance of a body disfigured by traumatic death or illness. Embalming makes it possible to lengthen the time between death and the final disposition, thus allowing family members time to arrange and participate in the type of service most comforting to them.

Funeral Price Lists, why does the FTC mandate them?

The Federal Trade Commission General Price List Format has been required to be used by all funeral homes in the United States since 1994. It affords the consumer the opportunity to compare prices easily since every funeral provider must present their pricing in the same way. A copy of our complete General Price List is available at the Funeral Home.