Cremation: I want to be cremated, but I want a traditional funeral first. Can I do that?

Yes you can. In fact, many families choose to have a traditional funeral ceremony with visitation followed by the actual cremation in preparation for the burial. This is so common that package 2 of the Complete Traditional Services and Facility Plans listed here is specifically tailored for families who make this choice at Jefferson Memorial Funeral Home.

Cremation: What do I do with the ashes?

Most families wish to create a “Point of Remembrance” and therefore choose to inter the cremated human remains (cremains) in a cemetery. This allows a focal point for spouse, children and grandchildren to visit, place flowers and learn about their heritage.

There are numerous cremation options available at Jefferson Memorial Cemetery:       

  1. You may bury cremains in the ground in special small grave spaces.

What Is Cremation?

To begin with, it is probably easier to describe what cremation isn't. Cremation is not final disposition of the remains, nor is it a type of funeral service. Rather, it is a process of reducing the human body to it's most basic elements using high heat and flame.

Cremation means a step in the preparation of human remains through a process of heat and evaporation whereby the body is reduced to its basic elements: bone fragments, not ashes.