At Jefferson Memorial, we own and operate our own crematory on cemetery grounds so that your loved one never leaves our care. We take ownership of the body and control all aspects of the cremation process. You can be comforted and assured that your loved one is always with us and cared for until returned to you. You may choose to witness the cremation or arrange for the cremains to be returned to you for personal use or memorialization in the cemetery.

If you would like to learn more about cremation or view our crematory please call 412.655.4500 to arrange a tour and learn more about cremation memorialization and interment at Jefferson Memorial Cemetery.


The Cremation Process

When a death has occurred and cremation has been decided upon, a positive identification viewing is required first and foremost by closest next of kin. You have the option to oversee the cremation of your loved one at the crematory by witnessing the cremation container be placed into the cremation chamber from the viewing window. Furthermore, a family member has the option to start the cremation process from the remote start button. After the cremation has been completed, cremains are returned in a temporary, non-decorative plastic or tin container. As such, it is very common for family to place cremated remains in a decorative urn before interment or burial which we can provide if you would like to purchase a memorial urn.


At Jefferson Memorial, memorialization means having a final resting place to visit a loved one, where the mortal remains of someone important to us are interred and will be visited and remembered. Cremation, like traditional burial, should not be considered an end but a beginning, the first step in the process to create a lasting tribute and a place of honor for the present generation to pass on your story to the next generation.

Our cemetery is a memorial park, where bronze markers are used instead of tombstones to memorialize our dearly departed. Like traditional ground burial, cremated remains may be interred in the ground, indoor or outdoor mausoleum, niche or your mantel at home.

Generally, niche units and ground space are designed to hold two cremations. However, some large niches will accommodate up to four cremations. At Jefferson Memorial, we believe in how you should be remembered, and are here to help you make the best decision possible. 




Information on Scattering
Scattering is a very meaningful and sentimental concept when planned for in advance and we believe that all wishes should be followed in regards to the final resting places of cremains. Although occasionally done, the practice of scattering human remains can present difficulties for families and survivors of the deceased. Some people may find it hard to simply pour the mortal remains of a loved one out onto the ground or into the sea. Another difficulty with scattering can occur when the remains are disposed of in an anonymous, unmarked or public place. Access to the area may be restricted for some reason in the future, undeveloped land may be developed or any of a host of other condition may arise that could make it difficult for your survivors to visit the site to remember you. Once scattered, cremated remains cannot be collected back up. It should also be noted that scattering laws vary by state and should be checked before any action is taken as there are property and environmental factors to be taken into account.

At Jefferson Memorial, we do not allow scattering within our cemetery due to environmental effects as cremated remains are not simply ashes, but fine bone fragments that do not biodegrade easily. However, we are working towards developing a cremation garden where scattering and other methods of disposition can be applied.