Jefferson Memorial is a 4th generation family business with over 180 developed acres. Our cemetery is divided into 45 traditional ground burial gardens with devoted sections for children and veterans - including a Civil War Marker - as well as an integrated section for pets and people. Our gardens are designed with themes of religious, natural and historical tributes where one will find distinguished bronze memorials, ornate stained glass dedications and colored tableaus of granite and marble. Our cemetery grounds include 5 separate Mausoleum complexes, 3 private mausoleums spaces, 14 cremation Mausoleums and 24 garden statues of bronze or marble located throughout the grounds.

Whether you are visiting the memorial of a loved one or coming to Jefferson Memorial for the first time, stop in to the main office to pick up a copy of our Visitor’s Guide to learn about our mausoleum and garden features, or just enjoy a walk through our peaceful rolling hills to explore and take in the hidden beauty of Jefferson Memorial Cemetery.


Adult Bronze Memorials | $1,625 - $7,195

All of Jefferson Memorial’s gardens include bronze memorial markers, not tombstones. Our markers are tablets of bronze mounted on granite or concrete bases that are used to memorialize the name of the deceased as well as any engraved images or emblems you would like memorialized.


Cremation Bronze Memorials | $965 - $3,390

A variety of markers are available including small cremation memorials, individual memorials, companion memorials for couples and larger, triple memorials to mark 3 graves. We offer a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Memorials may be purchased today thereby freezing the cost. 


Personal Memorial Benches | $2,132 - $6,650

Custom memory benches have become a popular addition to personal memorializations. All benches are made of enduring granite and are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Many unique benches, some with statues, are available and are priced upon request.


Special Memorialization

You may have the desire to memorialize in a more personalized way. Throughout the cemetery you will find examples of such devotion. Each inquiry is personally handled and customized to the clients wishes and may include special memorialization in our Pets & People section..

These and other unique memorialization items are priced individually upon request. A few examples of what we can provide include custom centographs, statues and custom stained glass windows.

These and other unique items are priced individually upon request. All memorials & markers are provided by Matthews Bronze.